What does the acronym RODEO stand for?

The provision of Open Access to Public meteorological Data and Development of Shared federated Data Infrastructure for the Development of information Products and Services.

What are the aims of the RODEO project?

To enable EU-based European meteorological Institutes to comply with the High Value dataset (HVD) regulation.

Is the RODEO project funded by the European Union?

Yes, the RODEO project is partially funded by the European Union. The rest of the funding is provided by the members of EUMETNET, the network of 31 meteorological services within Europe.

What will the RODEO project deliver?

  • A user interface
  • APIs for accessing weather observation data, climate data, weather radar data, warnings, and AI datasets
  • A data catalogue for making data discoverable
  • Engaging with the data owners and user communities
  • Support for the deployment of national data portals and APIs
  • Making HVDs available from the project partners

What HVDs will be delivered by the RODEO project?

  • Surface weather observations
  • Climate data
  • Weather warnings
  • Weather radar data
  • Certain AI datasets (to be defined, not a required by the HVD regulation)

Who are the RODEO project partners?

RODEO project partners

When will the RODEO project finish?

The RODEO project kicked off on 1st January 2023 and will run through to 31st December 2025.